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Thesis harvard extension

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a society essay We write papers to make our customers pleased. Choose from thesis, a wide range of academic writing tasks and get the one you need. Writing! Sample Essay on harvard extension, Culture and Society. Students Vitality Essay! October 21, 2011. Culture is the common denominator that makes the actions of the individuals understandable to harvard, a particular group.

That is, the system of shared values, beliefs, behaviours, and artefacts making up a society’s way of life. Culture can either be represented fin form of material or non material culture. Become A Book! The definitions and thesis extension specific traits of each of them are discussed below. Material culture is a term representative of the physical creations made, used, or shared by the members of a certain society; it is the society’s buffer against the environment. The components of material culture are all the creations (objects) of the human kind and mind, for example, cars, faucets, computers, trees, minerals just to mention but a few. The transformation of raw material into stanford students an intellectual vitality, useable forms through the employment of knowledge is paramount in the achievement of material culture. For example, we make living abodes to shelter ourselves from the adversities of weather and for our own privacy at the basic level, beyond this we make, use, and share sophisticated, interesting and essential items relaying our cultural orientation.

For instance, the types of clothes one wears reflect so much into the culture we subscribe to thesis extension, like school, religion, or where the last vacation was spent. Non-material culture on the other hand is the abstract or un-seen human creations by the society fashioned towards the behavioural influence of the said society. The components for the non-material culture include symbols, languages, values, and norms. For instance, the Ad Analysis, activities a society part takes like cricket in India, social institutions such as churches, schools, family, and thesis harvard extension so forth. The use of language, the patterns of stanford possess an intellectual vitality essay, behaviour and thesis harvard beliefs, and values to Ad Analysis, it shape the direction of a society over time. Language in its influence on perception, values guiding what the society should be and norms forming the customs of the society. Language in thesis itself is the combination of Ad Analysis, symbols expressing ideas enabling people to harvard, think and communicate amongst each other, either verbally or nonverbally. Language helps in stanford students possess the description of reality, share experiences, feelings, and knowledge with other people.

The use of language enables the creation of visual images, distinction from outsiders thus maintaining societal solidarity and harvard extension boundaries. It also serves as a unique tool in manipulation of symbols for the expression of abstract concepts and rules therefore creating and transmitting culture between generations. The aboriginals for instance in their use of language confine to their society describing relationships rather than judging or evaluate. To them language shapes the reality in perception and experience indeed fronting the thought of 2nd academic essay five great penguin series, neglecting some aspects of world traditionally viewed as important. Most of the aboriginal languages do not abhor the use of personal pronouns used to describe gender like he or she, with some amused by the western debate over whether God is a He or a She. For this, language is impact less on the world and reflects at the traditional acceptance of a certain region on the world map. Language through preconceived ideas may reinforce perceptions about race and ethnicity in advancing the harvard, superiority of one a people against another.

The diversity of language in some parts of the world shows how it can influence the culture of the societies in such a country. Canada is one example of the diversities in language today with Aboriginal, French, and English speaking societies. Language teaches cultural heritage and sense of identity in a culture. How To Become A Book Reviewer! It also is a power and social control booster with perpetuation of extension, inequalities between people, groups in Ad Analysis that words can be used intentionally or not to gag people. The existence of hate in the Canadian society is one such scenario siring a lot of suffering in the country. The aboriginals lament on the assumption of the English language as a source of power and prestige citing the lack of movies in their language while the former has the thesis, lions share in the film business. Language contributes a great deal in the advancement of the material and both the essay writing for college students, non-material cultures.

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8.5 out of 10 average quality score. You are allowed to use the original model paper you will receive in the following ways: As a source for additional understanding of the subject As a source of harvard extension, ideas / reasoning for stanford students possess an intellectual your own research (if properly referenced) For proper paraphrasing (see your educational institution's definition of plagiarism and acceptable paraphrase) Direct citing (if referenced properly) Thank you very much for thesis your respect to our authors' copyrights. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to browse this site, you give consent for cookies to be used. For more details, including how you can amend your preferences, please read our Cookie Policy.

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Sin Tax Bills Pros And Cons Economics Essay. With tobaccos and thesis harvard extension cigarettes being the major cause of lung cancer death s in Ad Analysis the Philippines, advocates are pushing to pass the Sin Tax Bill. Sin tax bill is the thesis tax levied on any products that are notorious to be harmful like cigarettes, alcohol and even activities like gambling. In connection to this, it is said to be effective in 2nd academic edition essay great series reducing behaviour of using such. This thesis paper aims to show the pros and cons of the Sin Tax Bill reforms to the Philippine economy, presented before the Senate and harvard extension the House. There were three specific sin tax reforms discussed, the Abaya Bill, Recto Bill, and the Santiago Bill. This study accentuates that the approval of the said bill has its great advantages that will help the country's economy, but its possible disadvantages must not be neglected.

Moreover, the ideas written here are not against the bill, but therefore require further analysis and revisions that are deemed helpful to the Philippine Economy. According to the World Health Organization in 2009, tobacco is responsible for 12% of male and 6% of female deaths worldwide. The Acting Chief of NCI Tobacco Control Research Brach Chief, Michele Bloch, MD, PhD said that overall around the globe, there are 41% of men that smoke and only 9% for women; also it is estimated that the 2nd academic essay great penguin twenty total number of tobacco-related deaths will rise from 6 million today to 8A million in 2030 (Fromer, 2011). Harvard Extension. Every day, a person dies from lung cancer in the Philippines. Ad Analysis. Tobacco or cigarette is the only legal consumer product that kills half of harvard extension, its users when used as directed by the manufacturer. And not only cigarettes, but as well as other socially proscribed goods such as alcoholic beverages, drugs and even soft drinks (in other areas), are considered to be undesirable or harmful, and Ad Analysis thus were levied with higher taxes compared to the original by the government - in layman's term: The Sin Tax.

Sin tax in modern economic terms, are externality taxes, taxes designed to reduce behaviour which is thesis harvard known to be 'harmful to society' (Gifford, 1997. p.1). Law. It is an excise tax on which its objectives is to make consumers lose interest in buying such by imposing taxes on goods that are known to be harmful and lethal such as cigarettes and liquor or activities like gambling (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 2012). Before, a Tiered Specific Tax system based on suggested retail price (srp) was put in place. Until the late Pres. Corazon Aquino's administration in thesis harvard extension 1986, reforms the tax system by changing the specific or unit-based tax to Ad Analysis, an Ad valorem Scheme, from where the price is based on the manufacturers, for cigarettes. From then on, sin tax bill was revised many times until the year 2004, where the Congress passed Republic Act No. 9334: an act increasing the tax collection; but this is widely considered to be ineffective and a watered-down law.

On its implementation in January 2005, under this law, all brands of harvard extension, cigarettes and essay law alcohol products are mandated to an increase in the excise tax rate every two years, up until the year 2011, where there will be specified varying rates of increases (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 2012). The matter on the issuance of the new sin tax bills proposed by different officials, mainly those of Abaya, Recto and extension Santiago, has caught many people in essay writing contest between two arguments. The Department of Finance wants the sin tax bill to raise P60 billion to fund the government's universal healthcare program, especially for the care of public hospital patients with lung diseases. The bill's obvious benefit on extension its approval is more health-related, but there are still quite a number of critics against the approval of the said bill. Why? Because there are multiple reasons as to why the on evidence law sin tax bill reform must not be approved and therefore must be a subject for further and more improved revisions. Different types of Sin Tax Bills proposed. A data from the American Cancer Society and thesis harvard extension World Lung Foundation says, Despite the existence of laws that limit smoking, male Filipino smokers are among the top smokers in the world occupying the ninth spot following India and China among others (Manongdo, A¶1). In accordance to this, many government officials started passing reforms of different kinds that are to writing for college students, change the current sin tax bill implemented. Firstly, the approved Abaya Bill: House Bill 5727, or the Act Restructuring the Excise Tax on thesis harvard Alcohol and Tobacco Products states that there will be equal taxes rates to be charged to any cigarette brands.

With this, there will be competition between cigarette companies. Stanford Students Essay. Cavite Rep. Joseph Emilio Abaya agreed to thesis harvard extension, amend the sin tax on tobacco products from unitary tax system to two tiers. Become A Book Reviewer. Under substitute bill, there will be two tiers or groups for cigarettes while distilled and fermented liquor will have 3. Tier 1: Cigarette packs priced lower than 11.50php below are meted with a P12 tax on the first year and P24 on the next year; while on Tier 2: Cigarette packs priced 11.50php above are meted with P28.30 on thesis harvard extension the first year, and P30 on the second year. Indexation or increase will be 8% for every two years, until the year 2025.

It has been over essay 15 years since a sin tax bill made it out of committee meetings in Congress. Thesis Extension. A landslide vote happened in June, where 210 lawmakers voted to edition essay five great, pass the amended House Bill 5727, by Cavite Rep. Abaya. Harvard. But the bill was watered down, since the bill aims to reduce consumption of tobacco and alcohol, especially among the poor, while raising additional revenues, which will be channeled to the government's health care program (Balea, 2012). According to Finance Assistance Secretary Teresa Habitan, amended version will only translate to P33 billion from the original plan of P60billion revenue. Secondly is the Recto Bill by Sen.

Ralph Recto. For cigars, the current 2-tiered NRP-based structure shall be retained, but starting March 1, 2013, there shall be an increase to the ad valorem rates by more than 100 percent. Pursuant to Cathy Yamsuan's report in the Philippine Daily Inquirer 2012, there will be an increase of 121 percent to on evidence, hand-packed cigarettes taxes from P2.72 to P6 per thesis, pack beginning March 1, 2013, particularly in low-priced cigarettes. While mid-priced cigarettes, a 32% rise from P7.56 to a P10 tax; and high-priced cigarettes, a 17% increase from on evidence P12 to P14 tax per pack. Recto, however, presented a committee report that would raise only thesis between P15 billion and P20 billion in additional sin taxes. Lastly is Sen. Miriam Santiago's proposed reform. Santiago said that under her bill, 85 percent of the P60 billion would be used for java, the government health program while the remaining 15 percent for safety nets that would ensure that tobacco farmers can shift to more lucrative crops like vegetables that have a bigger market than tobacco (Yamsuan, 2012, A¶12). No more further discussions needed to harvard, Santiago's Bill because Juan Ponce Enrile, the current Philippine Senate President, noted that the Santiago bill is almost similar to on evidence law, the government's original position.A Sen. Harvard. Miriam Defensor-Santiago's version of the Sin Tax Bill or the contest Senate Bill 3249 espouses a single tier excise tax scheme for cigarettes. The version reported out by Recto's Ways and Means Committee pushes a multi-tier scheme, while the House-approved bill is thesis harvard a two-tier system.

There are a lot to mention when we look in-depth to problem with java, the possible benefits, the country may be subjected to, that will be a great help to harvard extension, the society. Essay. Here, there are three main points that are most likely to harvard, be emphasized. First are the sin tax bills' health-related purposes and benefits. Since the real reason behind the implementation of this law is to on evidence law, discourage the people, especially the youth to smoke cigarettes and thesis indulge themselves to other vices, Department of Health (DOH) said that sin tax bill is a 'health bill'. If this is approved, many Filipino lives will be saved if this law is effective enough after its implementation. As stated by essay writing for college The National Youth Commission (NYC), the number of young smokers in the country had increased. Thesis Harvard Extension. Two of five Filipinos aged 13 to problem java, 15 years old consumed tobacco last year. The increase in thesis harvard cigarette prices may thus limit the number of young smokers (Garcia, 2012, A¶15). On the writing contest for college students other hand when the Laylo Research Strategies made a poll survey on how will Filipino smokers react if there is an increase in sin taxes, the thesis extension survey results confirms what the advocates have been saying higher tobacco taxes would accomplish: discourage consumption and therefore reduce the number of Filipinos who either develop diseases or die from smoking.

The Southeast Asia Initiative on essay writing contest Tobacco Tax says higher sin taxes can help save 140,000 to 1.3 million Filipinos. With the pending Sin Tax bill likely to thesis harvard, affect cigarette prices, 31% of the regular smokers said they will slowly stop smoking, while 17% will stop immediately (Rappler. 2012 A¶24). In a study on Tobacco and Poverty of the essay World Health Organization (WHO) in 2008, the annual government revenues of P23 Billion from tobacco taxes is not enough compared to the conservatively estimated P149 Billion annual economic losses due to expenses for harvard extension, productivity and health care costs of the top four tobacco related diseases: Cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and stroke. (Manongdo, 2012). According to reports furnished, the money the government spends on become tobacco-related healthcare issues is more than the revenue it gets from the taxes collected from harvard tobacco and with alcohol products. This means that the government is spending more to cure diseases - chronic pulmonary diseases, heart disease, cancer, liver diseases etc. - that are caused by the consumption of tobacco and alcohol (Garcia, 2012 A¶9). Secondly, with higher sin tax rates means higher government revenues. Extension. Let's say there's no existence of the sin tax bill, which means, 0% tax increase. With no tax, the government will only essay writing contest for college garner 25.4B php annually. But in consideration of the Recto's Bill, with 65% tax increase, there will 37.8B php revenue. While in Santiago's Bill, with 265% tax increase, there will be no less than 68.7B php revenue, which is by the way more than enough for the government's goal of 60B php.

According to Dr. Thesis Harvard Extension. Antonio Dans, professor at the UP-College of Medicine, with the on evidence approval of 265% proposed tax increase by Santiago; chances are, smoking rates will go down to 26% from 31%.. That drop from 31% to 26% represents more than two million people stopping smoking. If you stop smoking, you will avoid death from 49 diseases that can kill you from smoking like lung cancer, coronary diseases, stroke, heart attack, chronic pulmonary diseases (Antonio, 2012, A¶). Lastly, international smuggling of cigarettes will be lessened. According to Sen. Pia Cayetano, the Philippines has the second cheapest retail price in thesis harvard Asia (in terms of Ad Analysis, cigarettes). Even among the cheapest in the world, primarily because of relatively low tobacco taxes. Many other countries levied heavy amount of tax on extension cigarettes as part of their public health policy. Ad Analysis. Dr. Aida Yurekli, coordinator of the WHO's Tobacco-Free Initiative, says the nation's low taxes on tobacco drive the foreign demand for illegal imports of cigarette from the Philippines.A He once thought the thesis harvard China is the main source of smuggled cigarettes, but he found out that there was a big number coming from the Philippines.

Since tobacco companies are paying (low) taxes, they tend to overproduce. And an excess of 2 billion packs from the 5.4 billion packs to be produced this year, from which only 3.5 billion packs will be consumed, makes it suspicious (Merueñas, 2012). With the effectiveness of tax increase, Philippine cigarettes would not be any cheaper than before, and thus will discourage international smuggling, since tobacco companies will pay more taxes, and no longer will have rooms for overproduction - that may end up as smuggled goods to contest for college students, other countries. Though many people, if asked, are pro-sin tax bill, due to its undeniable benefits, lawmakers, still, remain divided over the sin tax bill. Extension. Debaters tend to overlook the possible drawback, the sin tax bill, may offer to the country's economy. Tobacco farmers are the most affected in the approval of the essay law any bills mentioned above.

La Union Rep. Victor Francisco Ortega said that many tobacco farmers were able to send their children due to their jobs in the tobacco industry. It has done more good, than evil, he said in an interview hosted by thesis harvard extension respected broadcast journalist Rappler editor-at-large Cheche Lazaro (Bisyo: A special report on possess an intellectual vitality Sin Tax, 2012). In the interview, Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares said, The government has not provided a comprehensive program for the support services, subsidy and assistance to tobacco farmers. Tobacco farmers will not benefit from the thesis harvard increase of retail prices of cigarettes increase due to sin tax. Therefore, the higher sin taxes will definitely negatively affect the tobacco industry, which will result into unemployment to huge industries like Fortune Tobacco and the likes. (Bisyo: A special report on Sin Tax, 2012)A. In one of the three stated bills proposed above, specifically the Abaya Bill, 'inequity in pricing the stanford an intellectual vitality goods' may occur. If all brands will be taxed similarly, small scale companies are at a big loss - and at harvard extension the worst scenario, may stop production. Abaya suggested that equality in taxes will create competition between large scale companies and local tobacco companies; but the latter will be burdened more since bigger companies are far more able in paying the demand tax levied to problem solving with, their products.

With high taxes means less production, which will end up to less profit by harvard extension the company, and later on - bankruptcy. On a debate, Sen. Writing Contest For College. Ralph Recto said that if they tax too much, it may kill industries, and harvard even the how to a book cigarette industry may be burdened too much already. Revenues may be lessened due to insufficient companies producing cigarettes, from thesis extension where taxes are supposedly to Ad Analysis, be collected from. Too high taxes may result in less revenue. How? One of the debaters in the senate, Mr.

Manos Koukourakis said, When you apply so high tax increases, people will find alternative ways to smoke (Bisyo: A special report on thesis harvard extension Sin Tax, 2012). Consumption did not diminish; on the contrary, it has increased. Become A Book. At first, sin taxes will give increased revenues for the government, but in no time, it will fall drastically. Why? Because of harvard, smuggling. How To A Book Reviewer. Taxing cigarettes and other sin products will not make people quit intousing it. It's already an addiction and this simple means of increasing retail price is not the answer.

Recto said in one of his reports, the solution is not to severely tax the sin products but to ban them completely. When the price of thesis, any product rises excessively, smugglers bring in cheaper products. So instead of discouraging consumption, the very high prices actually encourage it because the smuggled products are very cheap (Cruz, 2012, 4A¶). A House leader from the Philippine delegation warned that if ever the government would not take a second look to these proposed sin tax bills, the how to become a book reviewer signing of the free trade agreement (FTA) with EU or the European Union, may be put in jeopardy. The EU expressed their continuous objection to the sin tax bill. EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht told the thesis extension lawmakers that the approved House version and proposed Senate version will not pass the essay World Trade Organization (WTO) compliance because of unfair taxation (Luci, 2012). British American Tobacco (BAT) Philippines general manager James Michael Lafferty said, The current tax system has worked against the entry of new brands into harvard extension the marketA (Galang, 2012, A¶46). Sen. Become A Book Reviewer. Miriam Defensor Santiago, one of the most vocal sin tax bill advocates said, When cigarettes and liquor are cheap, more people will use them- and so this has been the advocates' standing point. Harvard. The sin tax bill had been a controversial debate to 2nd academic edition essay five twenty, the lawmakers.

It made Sen. Thesis Harvard. Ralph Recto, the chairman of the essay on evidence law Senate committee, resign after numerous opposition from the Senate; he had Sen. Franklin Drilon take over his place after resignation. Thesis Harvard. They even called his proposed bill a 'watered-down' bill or ineffective. In the approval of the Sin tax bill, relations with the how to a book European Union may be affected. Thesis. If ever the Philippines' free trade with EU will be cut-off, our economy will lose a lot.

And not only that, since Lucio Tan, a renowned business tycoon, is the owner of the biggest tobacco company in the country, the Fortune Cigarette, increasing of taxes to the sin products might be reflected to other major companies under him as well, like those of Philippine Airlines and the likes. Students An Intellectual Vitality. All these factors will not increase the government's revenues, and on the other end might be the opposite. Therefore the sin tax bill has defeated its main purpose of raising revenues. Also, the argument of the pro-sin tax bill that higher taxes would discourage smokers is a mere assumption. They have not presented clear provisions and relied on surveys, which is not at all very reliable. Then again, according to Benjamin Diokno, professor of thesis, Economics at the School of Economics, UP Diliman and former secretary of students possess vitality, budget and management undersecretary for budget operations in thesis harvard extension the Aquino 1 administration, talking about the threat of smuggling, it is real, and Ad Analysis ignoring it would be a monumental mistake. The country has been facing a lot of smuggling cases in other products like rice, oil products, and other consumer goods continuously.

And the possible addition of cigarettes to be smuggled would be a lot of work for the Bureau of Internal Revenue, which he considers weak (Diokno, 2012). But behind the drawbacks mentioned, there are a lot of thesis, other alternatives, other than taxing, that may discourage and lessen the use tobaccos and cigarettes. One suggestion is the proposal of former Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral to put graphic photographs of smokers with lung or mouth cancer on the packs of cigarettes, and they believe it should scare some of on evidence, them into stopping smoking. Harvard Extension. Though most of the stanford an intellectual vitality essay tobacco industries are against it, the Philippine Senate and Congress are also in debate about it. Another suggestion is the prohibition of harvard, smoking in the public, from problem solving with java which the Senate lose the case against thesis extension, tobacco companies. In the question of what would be the most effective among the problem solving with java proposed bills. The countries Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos - currently part of this world's emerging economies - use ad valorem rates in taxing their products like tobacco and alcohol. These countries must have adopted ad valorem taxation, after learning the extension best practice from their foreign tax consultants. The Philippines is the only country in the region that uses specific ratesA (Diokno, 2012, A¶7). On the an intellectual vitality contrary, eeconomist and former Economic Planning Secretary Solita Collas-Monsod at a forum on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 said that the thesis harvard extension tobacco industry players are disseminating about the possible aftermaths of the proposed sin tax measure on the Philippine economy, from which she considered as 'all lies'.

She opposed all the issues discussed and declared that these are just false claims (cited from Fonbuena, 2012). But experts urge the Senate to use the proposed bill of Sen. Miriam Santiago. This, Santiago said, would help avoid the 240 deaths daily among Filipino smokers with P200-billion health costs to government. It hews much more to the actual realities and java the actual principles that we want. If everybody is in thesis harvard favor of a sin tax bill, let's start with that sin tax bill, economics professor Solita Monsod commented to Santiago's version of the bill, from where tobacco and alcohol products' projected tax revenues will be around P60 billion (cited from Chua, 2012, A¶3).

The author is Ad Analysis not against the approval of this bill, but thus, is in favor of the amendment and better revisions of the sin tax bill. People must look not only to thesis harvard, the possible advantage it may bring, but one should always be aware of the possible drawback it will take along its process. The benefits, the edition great series twenty sin tax bill, will bring the thesis extension Philippines is undeniable. Health-related and even revenues is a given. But the fact it has taken a long course of almost 16 years of amendment, has a reason.

There are multiple reasons as to why the Ad Analysis sin tax bill reform must not be approved and therefore must be a subject for further and more improved revisions; and this reasons must not be neglected.

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder: Symptoms, causes, and harvard extension, treatment. OCD is writing contest for college students a distinct condition but falls within the category of obsessive-compulsive and related disorders. OCD is associated with a wide range of functional impairments, and has a significant impact on social and occupational life. The presence of obsessions or compulsions, or both, is what distinguishes obsessive-compulsive disorder from other conditions. The obsessions or compulsions cause marked distress, are time-consuming, and thesis harvard extension, interfere with a person's normal functioning. Indications of OCD can present in children and problem with, teenagers, with the disease usually beginning gradually and worsening with age. Extension! Symptoms of OCD can be mild or severe. Some people experience obsessive thoughts only, without engaging in compulsive behavior. Some people suffering from OCD successfully hide their symptoms in fear of embarrassment or stigma. Friends and family may, however, notice some of the more physical signs.

Obsessions are more than the everyday worries experienced by most healthy people when thinking about real-life problems. Instead, people with OCD experience excessive thoughts and worries that prompt them to engage in with java, particular actions or thoughts in an attempt to relieve or suppress the thesis extension, fear and anxiety. A person with OCD typically: Has repetitive thoughts, images, or urges that they do not feel able to control. Is aware of these intrusive thoughts and feelings and does not want to have these ideas. Finds these thoughts disturbing, unwanted, and (in the case of older children and adults) is on evidence aware that they do not make sense. Has uncomfortable feelings, such as fear, disgust, doubt, or a feeling that things have to be done in a way that is just right. Spends an unwarranted amount of harvard extension, time on these obsessions, which interferes with personal, social, and professional activities. Common OCD obsessions include: Contamination - including body fluids, germs, and dirt. Losing control - including a fear of 2nd academic edition five series, acting on an urge to harm one's self or others.

Perfectionism - including concerns about exactness, needing to remember things, and fear of losing things. Harm - including a fear of thesis, being responsible for something terrible happening. Unwanted sexual thoughts - including obsessions about homosexuality or incest. Religious obsessions - including concerns about offending god. Perfectionism and concern about evenness or exactness are obsessions apparent in stanford students possess an intellectual vitality essay, OCD. Not all rituals or forms of repetitive behavior are compulsions.

Normal repetitive behaviors that feature in everyday life may include bedtime routines, religious practices, and learning a new skill. Behavior also depends on the context, for thesis harvard extension example, a person who works in a video store arranging DVDs for 8 hours a day is probably not acting out of compulsion. Common OCD compulsions include: Washing and cleaning - including constant hand washing. Problem Java! Checking - including checking body parts or checking that nothing terrible happened. Repeating - including rereading and thesis, repeating routine activities like getting up from a chair. Mental compulsions - including praying to prevent harm and mentally reviewing events. Obsessive compulsive disorder tests and diagnosis. According to stanford possess essay the American Psychiatric Association, the diagnostic criteria for OCD includes: The presence of obsessions, compulsions or both. Harvard Extension! The obsessions and compulsions are time-consuming or cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.

The obsessive-compulsive symptoms are not due to the physiological effects of a substance, for example, drug abuse or medication for another condition. The disturbance is not better explained by another mental disorder. If the above criteria are met, a diagnosis of OCD may be given. A number of other psychiatric and neurological disorders such as depression and anxiety have similar features to OCD and problem with, can occur alongside OCD. Constant hand-washing and washing and cleaning in thesis, a specific way are common OCD compulsions. Despite a wealth of research, the Ad Analysis, exact causes of OCD have not been identified. A 2001 World Health Organization (WHO) mental health report estimated that OCD was among the top 20 causes of illness-related disability worldwide for people aged 15-44, and that OCD was the fourth most common mental illness after phobias, substance abuse, and major depression.

OCD is thought to have a neurobiological basis, with neuroimaging studies showing that the brain functions differently in people with the disorder. An abnormality, or an imbalance in thesis extension, neurotransmitters, is thought to be involved in java, OCD. OCD that begins in childhood is more common in boys than girls, with the thesis harvard extension, usual time of onset of OCD later for females than males; the disorder is equally common among adult men and how to a book reviewer, women. OCD might be triggered by a combination of genetic, neurological, behavioral, cognitive, and environmental factors. OCD runs in families and thesis harvard, can be considered a familial disorder. The disease may span generations with close relatives of people with OCD significantly more likely to develop OCD themselves.

Twin studies of adults suggest that obsessive-compulsive symptoms are moderately heritable, with genetic factors contributing 27-47 percent of Ad Analysis, variance in scores on measures of thesis, obsessive-compulsive symptoms. However, no single gene has been identified as the cause of OCD. Some rapid onset cases of obsessive-compulsive disorder in children might be a consequence of Group A streptococcal infections, which cause inflammation and dysfunction in the basal ganglia. These cases are grouped together and referred to as pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections (PANDAS). In recent years, however, other pathogens, such as the become a book, bacteria responsible for Lyme disease, and harvard extension, H1N1 (the flu virus), have also been associated with rapid onset of OCD in children. As such, clinicians have altered the acronym to PANS - Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome. The behavioral theory suggests that people with OCD associate certain objects or situations with fear. They learn to avoid those things or learn to perform rituals in order to help reduce the fear.

This fear and avoidance or ritual cycle may begin during a period of edition essay five great penguin twenty, intense stress, such as when starting a new job or when a relationship comes to an end. Once the connection between and thesis harvard, object and the feeling of essay on evidence, fear becomes established, people with OCD begin to avoid that object and the fear it generates, rather than confronting or tolerating the fear. The behavioral theory outlined above focuses on how people with OCD make an association between an object and fear, whereas, the cognitive theory focuses on thesis extension, how people with OCD misinterpret their thoughts. Most people have unwelcome or intrusive thoughts at become some time or other, but for those with OCD, the importance of those thoughts are exaggerated. For example, a person who is thesis extension caring for an infant and who is under intense pressure may have an essay writing contest for college students, intrusive thought of harming the infant - whether that thought is of intentional or unintentional harm. Most people can shrug off and disregard the thought, but a person suffering from OCD may exaggerate the importance of the thought and harvard, respond as though it signifies a threat. As long as the sufferer interprets these intrusive thoughts as cataclysmic and true, they will continue the avoidance and ritual behaviors. Brain scans have shown abnormal activity in patients with OCD.

Brain imaging techniques have allowed researchers to study the activity of specific areas of the brain, leading to the discovery that some parts of the brain are different in Ad Analysis, OCD sufferers compared with non-sufferers. Despite this revelation, it is not known exactly how these differences relate to the development of harvard extension, OCD. Imbalances in serotonin, or glutamate may play a part in great penguin series twenty, OCD. Environmental stressors may be a trigger for OCD in people with a tendency toward developing the condition. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) in adolescents and children has also been associated with an increased risk of thesis harvard extension, onset of obsessive-compulsions, with one study finding that 30 percent of children aged 6-18 who experienced a TBI developed symptoms of OCD within 12 months of the injury. Overall, studies indicate that patients with OCD frequently report stressful and traumatic life eventsbefore the illness begins. CBT may help a high percentage of people via two types of treatment. Left untreated, OCD usually develops into a chronic condition with episodes where symptoms seem to improve. Without treatment, remission rates are low, at around 20 percent.

However, around 40 percent of people who develop OCD in childhood or adolescence experience remission by early adulthood. Treatment for OCD will depend on how much the students vitality essay, condition affects the person's ability to function. CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) a combination of thesis extension, SSRI and CBT. CBT is an how to become, effective method of thesis extension, treating OCD. CBT is a type of psychotherapy (talking therapy) that aims to help the patient change the Ad Analysis, way they think, feel, and behave. It refers to extension two distinct treatments: exposure and essay writing contest students, response prevention (ERP) cognitive therapy.

Research has shown that 75 percent of people with OCD are significantly helped by thesis cognitive behavioral therapy. Treatment techniques include exposure and response prevention (ERP), this involves the following: Exposure - exposure to problem solving with situations and objects that trigger fear and anxiety. Over time, the anxiety generated by these obsessional cues decreases and, eventually, the obsessional cues cause little or no anxiety. This is called habituation. Response - response prevention refers to the ritual behaviors that people with OCD engage in to reduce anxiety. This treatment helps patients learn to resist the compulsion to perform these rituals. Other techniques focus on purely cognitive therapy (CT).

People participating in CT work toward eliminating compulsive behaviour. This is done by identifying and re-evaluating their beliefs about the thesis harvard extension, consequences of engaging, or not engaging, in the compulsive behavior. Once these intrusive thoughts and the meanings the Ad Analysis, person applies to them are acknowledged, the therapist will then encourage the thesis harvard, person to: examine the evidence that supports and problem solving, does not support the obsession identify cognitive distortions in the appraisals of the extension, obsession develop a less threatening and alternative response to the intrusive thought, image, or idea. Only a small number of studies have tested the effectiveness of CT for OCD. These studies have, however, found CT to be effective. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)

There are a number of drugs available for treating OCD, with the development of SSRIs expanding the solving with java, range of treatment options. SSRIs that may be prescribed to help people manage OCD include: clomipramine fluoxetine fluvoxamine paroxetine hydrochloride sertraline citalopram escitalopram. SSRIs are generally used in thesis extension, higher doses for OCD than for essay contest for college students depression and for at least 3 months. About half of all patients with OCD do not respond to SSRI treatment alone, with atypical antipsychotic medications often added to harvard extension the treatment. Article last updated on Thu 20 April 2017. Arnold, P.D., Sicard, T., Burroughs, E.B., Richter, M.A., Kennedy, J.L. Essay Writing For College! (2006, July). Glutamate transporter gene SLC1A1 associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Archives of General Psychiatry, 63 (7), 769-776. Retrieved from thesis harvard, Fontenelle, L.F., Cocchi, L., Harrison, B.J., Miguel, E.C., Torres, A.R., (2011, February).

Role of stressful and traumatic life events in obsessive–compulsive disorder. Neuropsychiatry, 1 (1), 61-69. Retrieved from Grados, M.A., Vasa, R.A., Riddle, M.A., Slomine, B.S., Salorio, C., Christensen, J., Gerring, J. (2008). New onset obsessive-compulsive symptoms in children and adolescents with severe traumatic brain injury [Abstract].

Depress Anxiety, 25 (5), 398-407. Retrieved from Hollander, E., Zohar, J., Sirovatka, P.J., Regier, D.A., (2011). Obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders: Refining the for college students, research agenda for DSM-V. Retrieved from extension, Kellner, M. Essay Contest For College Students! (2010, June). Drug treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience, 12 (2), 187-197.

Retrieved from Markarian, Y., Larson, M.J., Aldea, M.A., Baldwin, S.A., Good, D., Berkeljon, A., . . Extension! . Writing For College Students! McKay,D. (2010, February). Harvard Extension! Multiple pathways to functional impairment in essay writing for college, obsessive-compulsive disorder. Clinical Psychology Review, 30 (1), 78-88. Thesis Harvard! Retrieved from Moretti, G., Pasquini, M., Mandarelli, G., Tarsitani, L., Biondi, M. (2008, May 21). What every psychiatrist should know about PANDAS: a review. Clinical Practice Epidemiology in Mental Health, 4 (13).

Retrieved from writing contest for college, Murphy, D.L.,Timpano, K., Wheaton, M.G., Greenberg, B.D., Miguel, E.C. (2010, June). Harvard! Obsessive-compulsive disorder and Ad Analysis, its related disorders: a reappraisal of obsessive-compulsive spectrum concepts. Dialogues Clinical Neuroscience, 12 (2), 131-148. Retrieved from Nestadt, G., Samuels, J., Riddle, M., Bienvenu 3rd, O.J., Liang, K.Y., LaBuda, M., . . . Hoehn-Saric, R. (2000, April). A family study of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Archive of General Psychiatry , 57(4), 358-63.

Retrieved from Parmet, S., Lynm, C., Golub, R.M. (2011, May 11). Obsessive-compulsive disorder. JAMA . 305(18), 1926. Retrieved from

Please use one of the following formats to cite this article in your essay, paper or report: Nichols, Hannah. Obsessive-compulsive disorder: Symptoms, causes, and treatment. Medical News Today . Thesis Harvard! MediLexicon, Intl., 20 Apr. 2017. Web. 5 Oct. 2017. Nichols, H. (2017, April 20). Obsessive-compulsive disorder: Symptoms, causes, and treatment.

Medical News Today . Retrieved from. Please note: If no author information is provided, the essay contest for college, source is cited instead. Interestig piece of information.However I would like to harvard know something more,eg,how does ego or Id influence ocd? A word on this would widen my understanding of the essay writing contest students, subject. THIS IS HORRIBLE. having Ocd is no picnic but it doesn't mean your not normal. It's just something one has to live with in his or her life. Extension! taking medication is good also seeing a doctor. the key is to try to think positive. if your worried about something you can always write it down and put it in a positive way or talk to yourself. this is something you may always have but your gonna be okay. millons of people in with, the world suffer from this disorder, but they can still go on and live there lives. Healthline Media UK Ltd, Brighton, UK. 2004-2017 All rights reserved. MNT is the thesis harvard, registered trade mark of Healthline Media.

Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for how to become a book reviewer informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

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5 Tips to thesis harvard extension Score a 12 On Your ACT Essay. There is no question that the ACT is important for high school students who are thinking about applying to college. While the multiple choice sections are designed to assess students’ knowledge in math, English, science and reading, there is also a writing section that assesses students’ abilities to write an essay. Doing well on this section of the ACT can help distinguish you as an accomplished writer to colleges. Though you can easily understand your score a multiple choice test, you might be left wondering what will earn you a good score on the ACT essay. If you’re aiming for students an intellectual essay, a 12 on the ACT essay, read on for some tips and tricks!

While the multiple choice sections of the extension ACT might be more unforgiving, the ACT essay is a great opportunity to show off your writing skills. A Book Reviewer? According the ACT website, you should aim to write a “unified, coherent essay” in which you: clearly state your own perspective on the issue and analyze the relationship between your perspective and at least one other perspective develop and support your ideas with reasoning and examples organize your ideas clearly and logically communicate your ideas effectively in Standard written English. Thesis? To see these ideas in motion, you can take a look at a sample ACT prompt and essay here . The ACT essay is scored on with java a scale of 1 to 12. Your essay will be read and harvard extension scored by two different grades on a scale of 1 to essay law 6 in four different domains, for a total score out of 12 in each of these four domains. These four scores will then be averaged for thesis, a total score out of 12. For more information about how this section of the how to become a book test is scored, you can look at the official ACT Writing Test Scoring Rubric . In general, if you are aiming to do well in something, you should know what exemplary work looks like and try to harvard extension emulate it. This is certainly the Ad Analysis case for the ACT Essay, so before you walk into thesis harvard, the testing center to write your essay, make sure you know know what essays that scored a 12 in this section look like!

Be sure to read as many sample essays as you can find—these should be available online through a quick Google search. Essay Law? Keep in mind, though, that the structure of the writing section changed in Fall 2015, so make sure that the examples you are looking at are current and align with the structure of the current essay prompt. As you’re looking at essays that scored a 12, be sure to also look at essays that scored in thesis extension, the middle and essays that received a poor score. Try to understand what went wrong in a book reviewer, the poorly scored essays as well as what could be improved in the middle-scoring ones. Take note of thesis, what was successful in the high-scoring sample essays that you read—what makes these essays stand out from the middle-scoring ones? If there are notes from graders that justify the scores of the essays, be sure to pay attention to these as well. Aiming for a high score on the ACT essay section means that you need to try to understand exactly what the graders are looking for. Study the rubric once more and remember what you’ll need to accomplish in each category. Tip 2: Pick a perspective and stick to it.

When it comes to the writing prompt, the ACT website says “ The test describes an issue and provides three different perspectives on the issue. You are asked to read and consider the issue and perspectives, state your own perspective on the issue, and analyze the relationship between your perspective and at least one other perspective on essay law the issue. Your score will not be affected by the perspective you take on the issue.” In order to harvard extension write a strong essay, you can choose whatever perspective you like—just make sure it’s one that you can support and defend effectively throughout your essay. Scorers are looking for a strong, well-organized point of view, and like it says above, it doesn’t matter whether you agree, disagree, or are somewhere in the middle; what matters is the writing. It is important to remember that even if you don’t agree with the perspective that you’re writing from on a personal level, your essay needs to show that you can effectively argue a point. In addition, make sure to remember to relate your perspective to one of the writing contest for college perspectives provided in the prompt. Be sure to extension address the counter arguments as well in one of your body paragraphs, using the on evidence perspective opposite to thesis harvard extension your personal perspective to demonstrate your understanding of opposing views. Grounding your writing in concrete examples is one extremely important element of writing effective ACT essay.

You could use this as an opportunity to show off your historical knowledge by relating your argument to a relevant fact or event in history or current events, or you could come up with a rhetorical scenario or example. Including examples might even mean including a personal anecdote (although if you do end up doing this, you should make sure that your story is law, short and thesis extension relates directly to your argument). Take a look at the ways in which the writers of sample essays that scored a 12 managed to seamlessly incorporate examples into their writing. While you don’t have to be an expert on the essay topic, nor are you expected to be able to list off obscure facts and problem solving with java trivia about thesis extension it, you need to make sure that your essay draws from Ad Analysis real concrete examples rather that just vague abstract arguments. Tip 4: Don’t be afraid to show off your language skills. One of the markers of a successful ACT essay is its use of language. This is a great opportunity to show off some of your ACT/SAT vocabulary words that you might have been studying for the English section of the test. Opt for extension, higher-level vocabulary words when given the chance—as a general rule of thumb, you should aim to how to become a book use about 1-2 higher level vocab words per paragraph. Scorers want to see that you can navigate the English language skillfully, and thesis so you should also take the chance to vary your sentence structure when you get the chance. Consider, also, utilizing devices such as rhetorical questions and complex sentences.

If you are going to use more complicated vocabulary and grammar structures, however, make sure you fully understand how to use them. It will reflect poorly upon contest for college, your writing skills if you include a complicated word that doesn’t make sense in the context of a sentence, or if a grammatical structure that you try to thesis harvard use isn’t quite right. Ad Analysis? If you’re going to use a semicolon to harvard combine two sentences, for example, make sure you understand that a semicolon is not the same thing as a comma. When in problem solving, doubt, stick to what you know! It is better to have a less complicated structure that is used correctly versus an attempt at a more advanced grammatical concept that is thesis harvard extension, actually wrong. Lastly, be sure to keep it real in essay on evidence law, your writing.

While scorers want to harvard extension see students who are skilled in their use of the english language, it is problem solving java, easy to tell when someone is simply trying to electrify their vocabulary in order to titillate the reader for the written examination. Your writing and tone should reflect who you are as a writer, so remember to keep it down to earth. Extension? Tip 5: Pay attention to timing your energy level. For the essay section, you will get 40 minutes. This includes time for planning, writing, and stanford possess vitality editing, so make sure you dole out the appropriate amount of thesis harvard, time for each part of the process. 2nd Academic Edition Five Penguin Twenty? You can practice this by timing yourself to write an thesis harvard, essay from a sample prompt at home. Start by giving yourself an hour, and gradually work it down to 40 minutes so that you are prepared by problem solving, the time the testing date rolls around. Harvard? If you find that you need more time for planning than you do writing, or if you come to learn that you need a particularly large chunk of time to edit, keep these things in mind when it comes time to Ad Analysis write your essay for the exam. The essay will be the last section on the test, so keep this in mind while you complete the multiple choice sections of the harvard ACT.

While you should be devoting your full attention and energy to 2nd academic essay each multiple choice section of the test, keep in mind that once you are finished with all of the multiple choice sections, you will still have to write the essay. When you get breaks between sections, be sure to thesis extension eat a snack, drink some water, and use the restroom so that you are not uncomfortable or distracted by the end of the test. While you might be tempted to just breeze through the essay section so that you can finish the ACT, know that you will not be allowed to solving leave the thesis harvard testing center until everyone has finished the test—so be sure to use up all of the allotted time! For more information about the ACT and Ad Analysis essay writing, check out these blog posts: Latest posts by Devin Barricklow (see all) How to make yourself employable as early as possible — and extension why it matters - October 2, 2017 How to reviewer Make the Most Out of harvard, Those Summer Reading Lists - July 28, 2017 5 Ways to problem with java Tell if You Have a Good Personal Statement Topic - July 9, 2017. We#8217;ll send you college prep tips #038; admissions info.

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Find out in just simple three steps. 2. Speak to a Debt Expert about your options. 2. Speak to a Debt Expert about your options. Solutions for harvard a variety of debt levels. Debt Help allows you to pay one affordable monthly payment for all of your unsecured bank loans, credit card repayments and your other debts. Firstly the hassle of dealing with your paperwork and how to, and day-to-day dealings with your creditors is extension, taken away. Secondly, our selected debt partners will look to negotiate the freezing of for college students, charges and interest on your accounts to help stop your debts increasing.

For those with little or no disposable income. If you are facing bankruptcy then it is important to speak to a professional debt advisor before proceeding with bankruptcy. Debt Advice Online was set up to deal specifically with cases of thesis extension, serious debt that require immediate expert help. Advice is given both on avoiding declaring Bankruptcy and students essay, also how to go through the whole bankruptcy process. Individual Voluntary Arrangements. for debts over ?7,000. An IVA can help you write off the debts you cannot afford. Debts that qualify for an IVA can be cleared in a set time period (usually 5 to 6 years). An IVA is thesis harvard, a legal process by which you can gain protection from your unsecured creditors by entering into a legally binding repayment agreement with them, which is students, then supervised by a licensed insolvency practitioner.

Creditors are not obliged to agree to a Debt Management Plan nor freeze interest and charges. Sometimes rescheduling your Debt payments can lead to thesis, an increase in the total sum repaid and can extend your repayment period. Debt advisors should advise you an estimate for the total repayment period and length of problem, time for harvard extension the plan subject to your creditors accepting the arrangements. Failure to keep up your repayments once on a repayment plan is set may result in arrangements with your creditors to be broken. Your credit rating is likely to essay, be affected by all the debt solutions we offer. Debt Advice Online is thesis harvard extension, a trading style of Fresh Finance Marketing Ltd. 34 Holmebrook Drive. The Money Advice Service is an impartial service set up by the Government.

They provide free debt counselling, debt adjustment and credit information services. At Debt Advice Online we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service. Essay. Our partner Consolidators Ltd charge a fee for the service they provide. As they do not receive funding from harvard extension any other sources, the charges they make to you for using their services helps them maintain their overheads and provide a service to you. To ensure you have all the information you need to make the right decision, we have put together some clear guides on the different fee structures across Debt Management Plans, IVAs, Trust Deeds and Bankruptcy. Debt management fees can be broken down into essay writing for college students 2 types: The setup fees charged are to thesis harvard, cover the costs incurred in advising you and setting up your Debt management programme with your creditors. Our partner Consolidators Ltd will charge you fifty percent of your first six monthly payments into your programme.

In other words, your creditors will only receive fifty percent of possess an intellectual vitality essay, your payment for the first six months. The remaining fifty percent will be retained by Consolidators Ltd to harvard, cover their fees and possess an intellectual vitality, will not be distributed to your creditors. The management fee covers the monthly running of your Debt Management Plan, including distributing payments and dealing with all of harvard extension, your correspondence to and from creditors. They charge a fee of essay on evidence law, either a minimum of ?30 or 20% of your monthly repayment. Your fee will never exceed the amount paid to your creditors and is deducted from your monthly payment; the remaining monies are then distributed to your creditors from month one of your plan. For more information on their fees, please visit Consolidators Ltd's DM Client Care Booklet. There are three fees associated with an IVA, the Initial Assessment fee, the Nominee fee and the Supervisor fee.

Below is an explanation of these fees and how they are charged. If an IVA is recommended as a suitable solution for harvard you, and you decide to proceed, Consolidators Ltd will conduct a comprehensive review of your personal financial circumstances and submit your case to the Insolvency Practitioner. Our partner company Consolidators Ltd will require a fixed fee of your first two monthly payments to carry out the services below in helping you setup your IVA. Advising you on all the options available to essay on evidence law, you. Collating all the documents that are needed to verify the value of thesis harvard, any assets you own. How To Reviewer. Preparing the first draft of your income and thesis harvard extension, expenditure schedule. Collating details of your creditors and 2nd academic great penguin, writing to advise them of the position and seek up to date balances on your accounts. Liaising with your and your creditors. Your second month’s payment covers: Verifying your financial statement in reference to your documents.

Verifying the advice we have given to you. Dealing with any creditor enquiries. Seeking any additional information needed and drafting your proposal documents. Handing over your file to your Insolvency Practitioner. The first monthly payment that you pay will be transferred from their clients account to extension, their office account upon essay writing for college students you returning your completed pack. Thesis Harvard. In relation to your second payment, this sum will be held in Ad Analysis, their clients account until they are in a position to transfer your file to Beesley Solutions Ltd. Thesis Harvard. Upon transfer of your file, they will also transfer your second payment from their clients account to their office account. Regardless of the outcome of an intellectual, your creditors meeting, they will retain their payments to cover their costs in providing a service to extension, you. While they collate this required information, your creditors will not receive a payment from them. The two monthly payments that they retain as fees are inclusive of disbursements.

The size of your debt will increase during this period. We will deal with any queries your creditors have whilst they await receipt of the completed proposal and notice of the date of your creditors meeting. The level of your outstanding debt will increase during this period, as no payment will be disbursed during this initial two-month period. It is essential therefore that you provide them with the information they request as soon as possible in order that your IVA can be progressed to creditors meeting as soon as possible. Additional charges that may become payable during your instruction. If during the course of providing their services to you they formulate the 2nd academic edition five great penguin series twenty, view that an alternative debt solution would be more appropriate to your circumstances, they will immediately explain and advise you of this and clarify your revised options. Should you agree than an alternative solution may be more appropriate, there may well be additional work that they may have to undertake for you.

If your IVA fails, the monthly payment you have made pending the outcome of your creditors meeting will be retained by us and not disbursed to your creditors. They, and no doubt your nominee will advise you of the alternative available to you if this happens. In addition to the charges set out by Consolidators Ltd, there are additional costs which will be incurred by your Insolvency Practitioner in progressing your case to thesis, creditors meeting and managing your IVA for its duration. Your Insolvency Practitioner’s fees are divided into two categories. These are fee incurred by the Insolvency Practitioner for agreeing to act for 2nd academic five great series twenty you and for holding your meeting of creditors. Harvard. The fee chargeable is typically five monthly payments. Writing Contest For College Students. The nominees fees are paid out of the proceeds of the arrangement. Once your IVA has been approved by creditors, your Nominee becomes your supervisor who will be responsible for monitoring and supervising your proposal for harvard its duration.

The fees that are chargeable for this are usually expressed as a proportion of what is recovered for your creditors in contest, the IVA – usually 15% of realisations. (In other words 15%of the total payments you make in your IVA). Alternatively fees may be dependent on how much time your Insolvency Practitioner spends in supervising your arrangement. Thesis. Please note that all Insolvency fees ie Nominee and essay writing contest for college students, Supervisors fees are paid out of the proceeds of the arrangement. Harvard. You would not be required to make any additional payments in respect of Nominee’s and Ad Analysis, Supervisors costs. You will be provided with details annually of thesis harvard extension, your Supervisor’s fees in the annual report that he will prepare and which will be forwarded to you and your creditors. The following is an example of how IVA costs are calculated on a monthly payment of say ?250 if your IVA is approved and successfully concluded. Voluntary Contributions are 60 monthly payments of ?250 = ?15000, Nominees fees are usually 5 monthly payments the Voluntary Contributions amount to essay, 5 x ?250 = ?1250. Supervisors fees usually 15% of realisations ie the total amount you pay into thesis harvard extension the arrangement= ?2,062. Total amount available for creditors is ?11,688.

Total costs = ?3,312 to solving with, the Insolvency Practitioner paid out of the monthly payments you make into the arrangement. The sum of ?11,688 will be payable and distributed to thesis extension, your creditors in full and essay, final settlement of thesis harvard, all your debts. These figures are in addition to the 2 monthly payments you will make. You will have already been provided with an on evidence, outcome statement that compares the estimated costs and duration of your undertaking an IVA or alternatively an informal Debt Management Programme. More information about IVA fees charged by Consolidators Ltd and thesis harvard extension, Hanover Insolvency Ltd can be found here. In order to problem solving with java, carry out a Bankruptcy case, our partner company Consolidators Ltd will agree to harvard extension, act for you for a fixed fee. The fees they charge you are to cover the cost of stanford students an intellectual vitality, their service to you for the following: Advising you as to whether Bankruptcy is in your best interests and advise you of all the options that are available to you in dealing with your debt. Completion of the Bankruptcy documents in readiness for your Bankruptcy hearing. Notifying your creditors of your present position and your intended course of action.

Arranging your Bankruptcy hearing at court. Please note your attendance will be required at court on the day of the hearing. Dealing with any queries you may have before the Bankruptcy Order is made. In addition to their fees (typically five hundred pounds), there are disbursements that you will need to pay in order for the Court Costs and thesis harvard, the Official Receiver to process your Bankruptcy application. These fees currently total Seven hundred and five pounds. Ad Analysis. Consolidators Ltd will notify you if this fee increases during the course of your bankruptcy. Extension. Payment of this fee must be made to the Court upon the lodging of your paperwork. The Court will not accept payment of this fee by way of a personal cheque. Payment of the essay, fee must be in cash or banker’s draft.

If you are in thesis extension, receipt of certain welfare benefits or are in law, receipt of a low income you may be able to get a fee remission on thesis extension part of the essay law, Court fee. If you are in receipt of benefits you may be able to harvard, secure a reduced fee in problem with java, respect of the Court fee. There is no fee remission in respect of Official Receivers fees, which will always be payable regardless of income. They will advise you if we feel that you may be eligible for a fee reduction. In the event of your circumstances being unusually complex or difficult, they reserve the right to charge you additional fees for using their services. If it is thesis harvard extension, their intention to essay contest for college students, make an additional charge to harvard, you, they will advise you of what their revised charges will be before they render those charges to students possess, you.

If you are not agreeable to their revised charges, you can terminate their instructions and they will provide you with further information as to the source of alternative debt help services. In these circumstances you will not be entitled to a refund of any payments you make to us unless they have acted in breach of harvard, our terms of business. Once they have prepared your bankruptcy forms and forwarded these to you, or upon termination of this agreement, they will transfer from their clients account the sums you have paid to them on essay writing for college account of thesis harvard extension, their charges to their office account. What Their Fixed Fee Does Not Cover. Should you require them to provide additional advices to you after the Bankruptcy Order has been made this is not a service which they are presently providing within the fixed fee structure as set out essay for college students, above.

Should you require additional advices from thesis them post bankruptcy they would be willing to provide those to you and we will advise you beforehand what the additional charge to you will be. This will be calculated on an hourly rate, which they will agree with you prior to any charges being made. Problem Java. They will ask you to make a payment to them on thesis account of their costs. For more information on their fees, please visit Consolidators Ltd's Bankruptcy Client Care Booklet. Consolidators Ltd do not offer Protected Trust Deeds nor Sequestration in house but do have approved partners who will be able to assist you with any of the Scottish debt solutions. For preparing your case a referral fee will be payable to Consolidators Ltd by their partners. Debt Advice Online is a trading style of Fresh Finance Marketing Ltd (FFM). FFM is a web marketing company who receive a fixed marketing fee each month from Consolidators Ltd for maintaining and marketing the Debt Advice Online, Bankruptcy Clinic and Fresh Finance websites.

All enquiries received from the above 3 websites go direct to essay law, Consolidators Ltd.